Wednesday, 9 November 2011

excess baggage

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

Prada Glace Calf Satchel

I know it's a hypocritical move from my previous post, but I can't exactly shake off the big bag habit (especially when one has to take work home with them almost everyday) - and I don't even like Prada bags that much, however, everything about this bag screams ease of use and high functionality. I'm a sucker for the additional long strap and short rolled handles, plus this shape is a classic. It's a bag which I'm hoping will last a lot longer than my other bags...

PS. If you're after a new bag to splurge on, the USD/AUD rate is still on parity and SAKS is having a great promotion of USD19.99 postage and handling for international orders! 

New No.2

Source: L'inde Le Palais

I blame this purchase on work stress - Givenchy Obsedia Chain Bag

I've decided to finally start downsizing my bags, after years of mammoth hobos & totes being thrown around with unnecessary junk in them! (The lizard-like texture helped sway my decision too, by the way)

(now, online sales, can you please hurry up?!)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

All set.

Living in these.

Zanotti & Acne x Daniel Silver

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Acne x Daniel Silver

Went to check out the Daniel Silver x Acne collection yesterday and died. 
I was almost tempted enough to whip out the credit card (which I'm sooo close to paying off) to buy more pieces, but luckily my bf was there to knock a bit of sense into me and help cull my selection. Definitely wasn't the easiest of tasks.

(FYI - some of the images are from the RTW collection)

LOVE the heels. I ordered them in black and am now considering the other colourway!


Spent the past weekend shopping, eating, drinking, beaching & sleeping; all of which are pretty much how I'd like to spend every weekend until Autumn comes around. 

1. Mucking about
2. My new skin regime
3. Purchases from Acne, Zara & Country Road

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello, Summer.

Went to Tuchuzy on the weekend & bought a new towel. No reason, really;
but I'm a definitely giddy about Summer now :)


Source: Olsens Anonymous

Holy shit, I want e-ve-ry-thing.

Elizabeth & James 
(coming soon to a certain store!!)