Wednesday, 9 November 2011

excess baggage

Source: Saks Fifth Avenue

Prada Glace Calf Satchel

I know it's a hypocritical move from my previous post, but I can't exactly shake off the big bag habit (especially when one has to take work home with them almost everyday) - and I don't even like Prada bags that much, however, everything about this bag screams ease of use and high functionality. I'm a sucker for the additional long strap and short rolled handles, plus this shape is a classic. It's a bag which I'm hoping will last a lot longer than my other bags...

PS. If you're after a new bag to splurge on, the USD/AUD rate is still on parity and SAKS is having a great promotion of USD19.99 postage and handling for international orders! 

New No.2

Source: L'inde Le Palais

I blame this purchase on work stress - Givenchy Obsedia Chain Bag

I've decided to finally start downsizing my bags, after years of mammoth hobos & totes being thrown around with unnecessary junk in them! (The lizard-like texture helped sway my decision too, by the way)

(now, online sales, can you please hurry up?!)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

All set.

Living in these.

Zanotti & Acne x Daniel Silver

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Acne x Daniel Silver

Went to check out the Daniel Silver x Acne collection yesterday and died. 
I was almost tempted enough to whip out the credit card (which I'm sooo close to paying off) to buy more pieces, but luckily my bf was there to knock a bit of sense into me and help cull my selection. Definitely wasn't the easiest of tasks.

(FYI - some of the images are from the RTW collection)

LOVE the heels. I ordered them in black and am now considering the other colourway!


Spent the past weekend shopping, eating, drinking, beaching & sleeping; all of which are pretty much how I'd like to spend every weekend until Autumn comes around. 

1. Mucking about
2. My new skin regime
3. Purchases from Acne, Zara & Country Road

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hello, Summer.

Went to Tuchuzy on the weekend & bought a new towel. No reason, really;
but I'm a definitely giddy about Summer now :)


Source: Olsens Anonymous

Holy shit, I want e-ve-ry-thing.

Elizabeth & James 
(coming soon to a certain store!!)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

who's that girl.

This girl, Kamilya, is PHENOMENAL.

Source: Vanessa Jackman

Tidy Whities

I'm not much of a girly girl when it comes to dressing, but I've always had a soft spot for broderie anglais and the odd crochet piece. These two dresses are new arrivals at the office, and I'm trying to decide which one to take home! 

Alice McCall After Hours Dress

 Shakuhachi Crochet Daisy Leather Collared Dress.. Isn't Mariana spectacular!?!

Buy them now at MyCatwalk.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I can't stop listening to his mixtape; Nostalgia,ULTRA.
2011 is the year of hip-hop and R&B (not that I stopped, or ever will stop, listening to it my whole life, anyway).  

Interesting fact, which makes me love Frank Ocean even more; He wrote my favourite track, I Miss You on Beyonce's latest album, 4! Talent, so much talent.


I actually didn't like these Miu Mius until seeing this gif... now, I adore them.

Source: Amore

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

B-E-A-UTIFUL Pigalle, the most painful pair of shoes in my wardrobe.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Biker Staple

I'm on a roll this evening! I think the past few online purchases I've made have been lasts of my size.. They were meant to be, obviously. ;) I'm actually also thrilled the Topshop Biker Jacket sold out, which forced me decide on this beauty!

I really like the subtle biker detailing in this piece - exact shape as the Rita without as much hardware, which means it'll be a lot more versatile for casual and more dressed up looks. And last but not least, a detachable hood, which is pretty handy, but will probably be permanently detached (sorry hood!).

Acne Scuba Star Hooded Leather Jacket

Rachel Gilbert SS12

I've always thought Rachel Gilbert's collections only comprised of sequins, silk and georgette., basically pretty frocks. That is, until I saw some of the range come into the office today - l Iove! The black asymmetric number needs to be in my wardrobe, stat.

Below are my favourites from the collection.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


my new Wang wedges.

Miles McMillan

I don't really know many names or the faces of male models, but I always seem to recognise Miles McMillan in street photos and shows - I think there's something amazing about him, probably because he reminds me a bit of Heath Ledger circa '10 Things I Hate about You'.

I'm also jealous of his wicked Givenchy sweater!

source: streetfsn, stockholmstreetstyle

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Short, shorts!

The Net-a-Porter sale has been too, too good to me this season. These Joseph leather shorts are my latest steal. I've been after the Veda leather track shorts for months, and have not even been able to find a comparable pair in my size... until these babies came along :) I am going to live in them this Summer.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Acne Black Gun Boots

I can finally cross 'black everyday boots' off my wishlist, and trust me, I've worn them everyday since their arrival.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Christine in Lover

Holy Moley, Christine Centenera looks OUT. OF. SIGHT., and I don't usually like lace. This is very much a highly circulated outfit, especially in the blogging world, but I simply don't care. This is now one of my most favourite looks on her. 

What's best about Christine is the fact that she's always showcasing Australian designers, even at cream of the crop events in Europe, when everyone else is in Prada, haute couture, etc.

source: StockholmStreetstyle

Change is Good

Miroslava's chopped off her hair! As much as I love her long locks, perhaps she needed to lop it off add some maturity to her appearance. She's absolutely beautiful, so I can't really picture her not suiting any hairstyle, really..

I've always loved shoulder length hair, I just wish I had the face shape and well-behaved hair to pull it off!

 source: streetfsn

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I am not kidding, I've been an avid fan of Ilona Hamer's style for years. She always has the perfect blend of casual and chic. Not to be biased, but she also has my most favourite bag in the world, but she'd still be a favourite of mine without it..


Source: wetheepeople, vogue, stylemeromy, stylesightings

Hello There..

Eye Candy, indeed.

source: carolinesMode


A bunch of my online orders arrived at my desk today - needless to say, it made my day a thousand times more pleasant knowing the sickest pair of sandals were sitting right beside me in their white box (amongst other equally as good new pieces for my wardrobe, of course!). I pretty much left at 6:00pm on the dot to race home and try on my new goodies :)

The buckle detailing on the ankles are ridic.. seriously can't stop admiring them. All I need now is for some sunny weather to come my way, so I can finally wear them!

PS. Don't you love it when you buy things online, and EVERYTHING fits? I've hit the jackpot this time around with sizing :)