Thursday, 29 April 2010

The battle of the rouge...

I had a pretty average day - early start at uni, caught up on some homework, panicked incessantly about fast-approaching assessment deadlines, and spent much of the evening at Myer - hands down, the hardest decision of the day was choosing which lipstick to purchase. It was that much of a dilemma that I bought both and thought I'd narrow down the choice at home.

Chanel Rouge Allure in Enthusiast or Revlon Living Lipstick in Revlon Red. It all comes down to price. $50 for Chanel vs. $24 for Revlon.

It's tough, that damn Chanel packaging and engraving just screams "I'm worth that extra $26!" It's just so pretty.

Monday, 26 April 2010

study time-timeout

Want 27/4 
Featuring... a lace-embroidered Dress* (3.1 Phillip Lim), tan oxfords* (MNG), leather tailored shorts (River Island), leopard print heels (Tony Bianco), a jade ring (Samantha Wills), a silk wrap coat (Style Kelly), black lace-up wedges* (Tony Bianco).

 * = I reeeeallllyy want these

Thursday, 22 April 2010


It happens every semester, when the numerous deadlines and assessments, to which you've been assigned, start to catch up with you. That's exactly what I'm being faced with now. Holidays are only 8 weeks away...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Laced Up

Maurie and Eve Dress, Vintage Snakeskin Clutch, Sportsgirl Wedged Boots.

I've been spoiled yet again but with a gorgeous pair of wedged boots. I was looking for a similar pair to that of Zara's ones & after spotting them in good old Sportsgirl, I was extremely eager to track them down in my size, no matter where in Sydney they were (which wouldn't be the first or time).. Luckily, there was one pair waiting for me and Michael, in the nicest act kindness, went and bought them for me (despite the fact that he hated them at first); however, after he saw them on me, he reconsidered his opinion. 

Thanks Baby. I can't wait to wear them!

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Last of Days of Heat


I don't have one particular look, but I have noticed that my style and taste in clothes tends to fluctuate between fitted/structured and oversized/draped (and in-between). Today in particular, was I in no mood for trousers or tucking-in, but for loose, comfortable and basic.

I had been looking all over for a plain black long skirt - not the gypsy or 'maxi' kind, but a simple jersey skirt. I had searched everywhere from Metallicus to random online stores and had begun to give up. Funnily enough, when I grew tired of searching, I came across the exact one I was after courtesy of Mink Pink. Slim, really stretchy and cheap :) Love it when that happens. 

Extinct Jacket, Bassike Tank, Mink Pink Skirt, Wittner Sandals, Vintage Snakeskin Sling/Clutch, Emporio Armani Watch, Balmain Markets Necklace, Oroton Ring

Sunday, 11 April 2010

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” - Coco Chanel

Herringbone Navy Prince of Wales Jacket, Marbo Bespoke Shirt, Incotex Trousers, John Lobb Suede Double Monks,Tie your Tie Pocket Square, Panerai Watch

Emmanuel's my eldest brother, and a major influence of mine in the style department. His ever expanding wardrobe is adorned with pieces ranging from high-quality tailored jackets to an array of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers; not to mention, his precious collection of time pieces - an obsession he had assumed from a young age. His style has matured (and improved) tremendously over the past few of years, crediting the uprising of The Sartorialist and fashion inspired-overseas trips to Japan and Europe.

I admire the fact that he's never a slave to fleeting trends and sticks to classics, only adapting pieces, like his jacket buttons, to revive them. Thanks to him, I've finally learnt the importance of a good tailor and along with Michael, always get his opinion before purchasing a new item in my wardrobe... Everyone needs an Emmanuel in their life! 


This is Mickey. He's always on the forefront of current trends, yet stays true to his personal style, which consists of your classic staple pieces but with a twist.

His wardrobe is full of upcoming and lust-worthy designer pieces and considers Chronicles of Never and Bassike among his favourite labels. You'll almost never see him in a printed T-shirt, and as you can see, he lives by his outfit palette of monochromes. Take note of his Ts - the clever layering and folds of his two basics are outstanding. 
Chronicles of Never Jeans, T-shirt/s, Scarf. Graz for Chronicles of Never Sunglasses, Common Project Sneakers

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Cue Jacket, Portmans Silk Blouse ,Marcs Trouser, Country Road Belt , UO Clutch .

Friday, 9 April 2010


    Stephanie: Herringbone Top, Zara Pant, Zara Heels
    Ly: Alpha60 Wrap, Sass & Bide Hareem Pant, Kenneth Cole Watch
    Steph & Ly are a part of my fashion-forward familia. They always look amazing and never cease to impress in the style department. I'm particularly liking Steph's modern take on the tapered trouser and was marvelling at Ly's silk accordion wrap the whole evening!

    That ring.

    This ring is so damn common, I can think of 5 people who have it, but it's so amazing to look at. It's  work of art, and the colour's ridiculous.

    It's sold out on their website, but there's bound to be one lurking around waiting to be gift-boxed up and sent to me :).
    Source: YSL, fashiontoast

    Tuesday, 6 April 2010

    Number One

    ...aka my boyfriend. As much as I know that he'd hate me posting anything on him, of course he'd be my first style inspiration. His style is always laid-back and comfort is always key for him, which is quite evident in the photos. I have no qualms raiding his wardrobe for a shirt or two.

    1. Oxford Shirt, Ksubi Shorts, Witchery Man Oxfords
    2. Thrifted Flanno, Levi's shorts, Vans Plimsoles
    3. RVCA Shirt, Cheap Monday Jeans, Zu Plimsoles, Emporio Armani Watch
    4. Ralph Lauren Shirt, Cheap Monday Jeans, Aquila Suede Loafers, AM Sunglasses, Joey's Paper Boy Cap


    When I started this blog, I'd always maintained the idea of featuring what my friends and family wore. It's amazing how much you influence each others styles and tastes. So, from now on, I'll be showcasing highlights of their outfits, from day wear to evening wear and tid-bits that deserve mentioning!

    So thank you friends and family for cooperating with my snap-happy ways. You're my inspiration.

    Easter Time

     should be doing uni work right now, but I can't really bring myself to open up a book.. How I love procrastinating!
    Anywho, much fun was had over the Easter weekend, the particular highlight being my eldest brother, Emmanuel's birthday party! The beverages were flowing and the food was in abundance, with access to Harry's Cafe de Wheels for a cheeky pie or hot dog, just around the corner.
    Everyone was in high spirits and top form. It was also exciting to see everyone step up to the style plate - I took plenty of outfit pictorials, so stay tuned for that post.

     With four of my brothers, and the birthday boy himself.

    Rose Byrne

     haven't really made a post on style icons of mine, but I really think she deserves a dedicated mention. She's among many fashion and style inspirations, but I'm floored whenever I see press clips of her. She gets it right; 100% of the time. You don't see a lot of celebrities exuding grace and elegance like her.
    Source TFS

    Saturday, 3 April 2010

    Pig Sty

    Please ignore the mess of the room - as silly and inexcusable my excuse may be, I believe it adds a sense of juxtaposition in the photo; Or, I just look like my surroundings are giving me a headache.

    This is what I picture myself to be stapled in during the coming Winter season.

    Buturdury Coat, Siren Heels, Cheap Monday Jeans.

    Thursday, 1 April 2010

    Green with Envy

    Current obsession: Jade/Minty Nail colour. Love it. I'm definitely not the first or the last to catch on to the amazing colour - It was featured in Chanel's FW 2010 show and has been on everyone's prowl ever since!

    Chanel's version is totally sold out (until further notice aka, not in season), but I happened to find a similar minty shade at the markets and has been inseparable from my nail beds since last week.

    Two weeks ago, I had a lavender shade which looked quite nice too, but I'll let this minty obsession stay in spotlight for a little while..