Thursday, 28 January 2010

Head Candy

One frustrating thing about being on the other side of the world from other fashion blogs I follow is that the seasons are always opposite.

Just as the weather was heating up here, I saw the marvelous fashionistas gracing the various websites with trends of their Winter wonderland - Honestly, it made me start to buy Winter clothes online 'in preparation' for the upcoming season. I guess there are pros to that statement, but now that Summers ranges and posts are popping up, It'll drag me to devastation knowing my favourite season is coming to a close and sharing it's goodness with other continents. However, keeping my head up, I'm actually quite excited to start wearing my Winter pieces!

I've decided to road test them here first before showcasing them on the street - I would most probably get odd looks from people, seeing as it's been averaging 30 degrees Celsius this week.

Random Alert: Country Road are really on the ball with pouncing on designer styles! Today I spotted an identical version of Alexander Wang's metallic-chain gold sweater dress! Law suit waiting to happen perhaps? To their defense however, I'm a big fan of the high-end chain and they're definitely bringing designer trends to the masses!

Country Road Wool Skivvy/Scarf & Ksubi Sunglasses

Forever21 Wool Pom-Pom Beanie

Forever21 Wool Floppy Hat & Marie-Claire Cat Eye Shades

Forever21 Slouch Beanie
& Marie-Claire Cat Eye Shades
(supposedly for the Boy, but will end up being worn mostly by me)

..As you can see, I'm a bit in love with Forever21 - Hooray for International Shipping! Boo for Shipping costs.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Getaway

Australia Day weekend is always one of my favourite holidays of the year. For the past 4 years, me and my close friends have always spent the Sunday partying to my favourite DJ, Kaskade, but unfortunately this year, he decided to take a break and give Sydney a miss for Brazil! (We still love you, Kaskade!)

Instead the hubby's family and I decided to go up the coast for a few days of R&R. I loved every minute of it... Catching up on some good Summery weather, fishing; basically spending quality time with the honourary family. It was sad to come back to work on a gloomy day.

On a lighter note, one month till it's back to uni, so at least there's still time to savour what's left of the holidays! Good Vibrations '10 is fast approaching!

Hope everyone had a wicked weekend!

Monday, 18 January 2010


It's just one of those days when all you want to do is sit at home, watch a DVD or two and listen to your ipod whilst curled up in bed for the day.. But instead, you get up early, go to work, have a mediocre day and finish the day off blogging about it.

Now to end the day off with a lullaby by The Gadsdens.

Sweet Dreams xx

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Impulse Overload

I'm in big of trouble. Having began a sensible week consisting of paying off my credit card, make a little sale purchase, I've found myself back at square one - overindulging. It's a killer. What started with a pair of cute Tony Bianco flats on sale, which may I add, I've been lusting after for a while and the Zimmermann bodysuit; multiplied into two pairs of lace up sandals - one in tan to 'flatter' the skin tone and one in black 'just because'; AND on my way home I came across an almost identical pair of the flats I bought but on sale and immediately bought it to save myself for searching for the exact pair when I'd need it. Great rationalising, Ana, your sensible week has now obliterated to surviving until your next pay day with less than $100.

Well, I suppose I've been in much worse situations. To think I came into the boutique after a pair of lace up flats!
Well, I may as well post you some of my purchases. I'll try and get outfit posts going once I get a chance!

PS. Please tell me I'm not the only person who has major impulse purchase obsessions and consequences to deal with on a daily basis!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Summer's Best

It's been a jam-packed fun-filled weekend. Definitely one to remember.

My weekend kicked off with lazy lunch catch up with one of my besties watching some funny flicks, while we waited for the weather to clear up; followed by an evening of catching The Temper Trap at the Enmore. The show was fucking amazing, the lights.. the songs.. everything. The lead singer, Dougy's, voice is ridiculous - you definitely don't hear guys reach notes like he does! They're my pick for one of my favourite bands of the year and will surely see them going even further.
Then.... a few of us caught up with other friends for a birthday party. It was a big contrast coming from an indie gig to an R&B party, but R&B will always get me - no other genre (maybe except house and electronica) can amp me up for a dance like DJs can! We partied till the 200 degree heat inside the upper levels of the club got too much to handle.

Saturday was great. My boyfriend and I got caught some sun and a quick swim down at the beach and set off for an afternoon/evening of more birthday festivities. If I could sum up Saturday with one word, it would be buzzed. Loved it.

Sunday, let me think... It was another scorching day of around the 30 degree mark, so my family decided to have a picnic - fun times. We banqueted and watched the boys play footy. We unfortunately had to rush off to the boy's brothers' beach birthday bbq and there we feasted on more food and ducked down to the beach for another quick dip and a soaking up of the wonderful sun!



I'm feeling very proud of myself - yesterday I finally paid off one of my credit cards! Now all that's left is one.. one tiny limit one, which I'll aim to have closed by the middle of the year. Soo.. to celebrate my triumphant display of responsibility, I made a little Zimmermann purchase courtesy of It's quite versatile, really. It can be worn poolside, festivals, night outs teamed with endless bottoms.. A smart buy, might I add! have a zillion more styles, showcasing beloved Aussie talent and some overseas gems all with free shipping within the country - Run, don't walk!


Monday, 4 January 2010


First day back at work today. 'Twas not cool. After two weeks straight of waking up without an alarm clock, catching up with some old friends, having the freedom to do whatever I felt like that day, like going for a swim and dusting off the sewing machine and wasting tonnes of time with my boyfriend; coming back to the reality of 9am-6pms, pushing paper and deadlines were very, very harsh. Not to mention how awful I looked today - Everytime I passed the mirror I was horrified!

So... my solution to combat Tuesdayitis and continued mid-week blues? Maybe tomorrow I'll get up a few minutes earlier (Let's be realistic, like 5 mins!) and in that time maybe pick out a better outfit? Be bothered to put some make-up on or groom my hair perhaps? I definitely should get out of my disshevelled/wannabe holiday beach hair and put in a bit more effort.. May just do the trick.

I'm going through a major hair rutt. Right now my hair is like this. My boyfriend says I should move away from the middle part as my face shape is too round. But what can I say, I'm a slave to fashion sometimes and the beachy bed head has always been a favourite look of mine. My wavy hair makes it easier, I suppose...


Boring, boring.. oh so boring.

I'd love for it to look like these sometimes! But.. I'm afraid of chopping my fringe, losing length or colouring ahh! Last year I made the silly mistake of chopping my hair (I adore short hair and wish I suited it) but was too lazy to style it everyday, so I basically spent the next year tying it up, trying to grow it out. If you have short hair, I salute you :)


...Love them all. I wouldn't say Vanessa Hudgens is a style icon of mine, but she looks gorgeous here.

(Photos: tfs, stylesighting, lefashion)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

You will be mine very, very soon...


I know the camera isn't the most premium or newest model on the market, but I think it's perfect for me - SLR quality photos but in a more compact size. I love the shape of it, it has very classic non-digital camera like body and a long strap for easy transporting. Don't get me wrong, I love the signature 50Ds and SLR shapes, but I'm afraid I'll drop it or after a while will stop taking it around with me because it's too heavy.. Not too mention the hefty price tag!

The cute and compact Lumix LX3 has a more affordable price tag of around AUD500. I'm sold!

Happy New Year!

NYE 2009 consisted of great company, copious amounts of alcohol, playlists of new and old tunes and an amazing light show Sydney-style.

As most people do, I've decided to create a small, but measurable list of resolutions to which I'll definitely try to adhere to:

1. Pass all of this year's uni subjects - Hopefully graduate this year too!
2. Keep my chaotic bedroom clean.

3. Improve my organisation skills
(or lack thereof!)
3. Control my impulsive buying habits!

Can't wait to see what the new year has in-store!


Friday, 1 January 2010

And so it begins.


My first blog entry. I thought it being a fresh new year, I'd take a chance on embarking on this project I've been ever so tempted to pursue since the growth of my fondness for them. I've always stopped myself from starting one in the past though, as I've been warned of how time consuming it is. But I thought, what the hell... Being able to create a blog of what I want and containing features that I love in blogs, then why not?!

So without further ado, I welcome you to The World of Gracia - Inspirations, interests, fashion and tid-bits of love from the world around me.


(Photo: Unknown Source)