Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I did the move which I've been wanting to do for sometime now, but keep talking myself out of after seeing the numerous photos of models and celebrities with their wonderful centre-parts...

I've had the same hairstyle all Summer, and I must say, since Autumn is coming on strong and the beachy-vibe is cooling down, I'd may as well trim my fringe and the rest of my hair (it had been over a year!).. and what can I say, I love the result (I'll reveal in the following outfit posts).

Same hair length but healthier looking with the addition of a wispy fringe! Abbey-Lee eat your heart out!

If you're in Sydney, contact Rose Anne @ Lattouf Hair and Body Spa and set up an appointment for some miracle-making!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Shopping Frenzy

How the last few weeks have flown with an array of purchases and lusted-after pieces. In with the new and still in with the old.. I haven't particularly managed to clear my wardrobe of my unworn items of clothing yet, so until then, it's bursting at the seams and getting harder and harder to hang or fit anything in it!

Will post up pics of my new beloveds soon, but in summary, I've accumulated:
  • Sportsgirl Spring-worthy high-waisted floral shorts
  • Zu Buttery Leather Over-the-knee boots
  • Mollini black Ballet Flats (classic!)
  • Witchery Black Trench (another classic!)
  • Sportsgirl Breezy button up shift dress
  • Forever New Black Wool cape - I cannot wait to brave the cold in this number.
....and that's just the retail shopping! Online haunts would leave me here typing for the rest of the evening!

I now feel I'm nearing the saturation of my buying drive (and credit limit) and am ready to show case my new purchases on a few nights out on the town!

Saturday, 20 March 2010


The cotton T-shirt dress is undoubtedly this year's dress for me. I accumulated about 7 (and counting) pieces in various shades ranging from green to grey to stripes, and in straight and asymmetrical cuts in identical colours. They suit the scorching Summer heat and can easily be a transitional season piece with the addition of tights or over the knee boots or oxfords and/or an oversized cardi (another love of mine). Not to mention a pair of heels to take you into the evening.. can you see now why I made such a big move to the trusty style?

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Turban

What are your thoughts on this particular piece of headwear?

Ever since I saw Prada's version a couple of years ago on the Olsen twins, I'd been on the look out for one. I've seen it worn a couple of times, but they've all been either on the catwalk or in the evening. Wondering if it could be executed unembarrassingly on a day-to-day basis... Well, I know I'm not the Olsen twins, so that's a deterring factor, but maybe as the weather goes cooler, people can overlook the fact that it's a headpiece from the1920s era and see it for its utility? Ok, now I'm just thinking about it too much, I'll report on how this g
oes when I muster up the courage to actually wear it.

Source: www.sueddeutsche.de, madmoizelle.com

Favourite Frock

Random Dress, F21 Beanie

Just giving a sneak peek of one of my favourite floral frocks of the moment. I purchased it from a little beachside boutique for a bargain and have been wearing it any moment I can - particularly since Winter's close at hand.

It's interesting how many compliments and comments you get on a piece of clothing which you paid hardly anything for, and yet items you actually splurge on go unnoticed...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

LMFF Fashion Workshop

Michael and I (with family) at Jonah's, Palm Beach (one of Sydney's most amazing culinary treasures).

I am absolutely dying to go. I was thinking a weekend away to recoup just in time before the uni workload becomes to intense is ideal. It'll also give me a bit of insight into the fashion world. I know it's only Melbourne, but the city feels like a world away from Sydney.

Fashion's always been my 'what if'. I studied design very briefly after I finished high school, and often feel that I threw away a part of me when I left it. to take on business (sounds depressing now that I think of it).. I tend to always give up or rest on my laurels when I get comfortable with something. I really need to change this, and this stigma against change. I don't think I'm going to succeed or accomplish anything being afraid of it, so here's to one of my lifelong resolutions.

his: Oxford Button Up, Ksubi Slack Shorts, Witchery Man Lace Ups, Ray Ban 3025 Aviators
hers: Sunny Girl stripe tank, Marcs Trousers, Witchery Waist Belt, Wittner Lace Up sandals