Saturday, 30 April 2011


This, and the much circulated photo of her bright-lipped in Jil Sander, are my favourite photos of Kate Bosworth. It's a testament to how naturally beautiful she is.

Monday, 25 April 2011


I'm drawing a lot inspiration from J.Crew's colourful preppy aesthetic this Autumn and Winter. Love, love, love their latest range. They prove that pastels and dark, rich colours & prints can co-exist quite well together in an outfit. I'm also really liking the embrace towards the relaxed trouser silhouettes.

So, next on the shopping list: more trousers in vivid hues and prints, and perhaps a steamer for all of my button-ups? (I tend to veer away from any piece of clothing requiring ironing, as it takes away extra snooze hits on the alarm.. hmm, must overcome that soon)


Mid-week Mixer

My favourite mixed bag of photos from the past week;
Some good insight on how to wear my leather skirt in more 
Still loving mixing up monochrome textures.
Columbine makes me covet every damn thing she dons. 
Creepers now, even creepers!
Easy, breezy outfit.. On the lookout for the perfect pair of 
relaxed (non-boyfriend) denims.
Just because I love Alexandra Richards.
and I love all photos I see of my (hopefully not so distant) 

Source: Theyallhateus, lefashion,

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Zara officially opened today. Hysteria on Pitt Street.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Mish Mash of Late

Drooling over Dion Lee's Aqua Teal pieces from his capsule II 
Fiesty Blade Loafers.
Hmmm, I'm considering this in orange or a Balenciaga for 
my new everyday bag.
The Prada scarf which reminds me of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in 
Harley wears this so well. Good colour choice, also.
Sources: theyallhateus, Harper's Bazaar US via Mr Newton, Rag and Bone, Madison, Google

...on a side note, Coachella updates are making me green with envy.

Friday, 15 April 2011

New: Sweaters and Lug Soles

I'm pretty excited about the weather cooling down. I used to dread the cold seasons and having to rug up, but I now have an big love for Winter and its partnering wardrobe. Sweaters have now even pushed jeans off as my staple piece of clothing, where instead of finding a top throw on with it, I'm now looking for what colour trouser to wear?!

I've just bought a bunch of woollens in different shades, which have seriously given a whole new Winter dimension to my Summer wardrobe bottoms. This striped Zara sweater is fast becoming one of my favourites - It's very Prada Spring/Summer! Unfortunately, I don't have the banana print skirt on hand to perfect the ensemble, so my pleated skirts and cropped trousers will have to do :P.

My other new additions are these Wittner buckled beauties! I wasn't too sure about them when I bought them, but they actually go with a tonne of outfits in my wardrobe and are superbly comfortable! I'm thinking of pairing them with socks when it gets too cold for bare toes...

Style Envy: Miroslava Duma (yes, again!)

I've always loved this girl (See proof Here & Here). She hasn't been shot much since giving birth to her son, but judging by the few pics I've seen around, she's definitely still in her style prime! 

It must be the Russian climate, but she's perfected the art of layering. I'm definitely taking notes for this Winter.


Source: tfs, lefashion, google

New: Zara Asymmetric Court Heels

I have been waiting so, so long for their website to be re-stocked with these heels, and I'd still be waiting if I had not tried other avenues of getting a hold of these babies! I asked a friend living in the UK to hunt them down in-store, and that's just what she did! Can't wait for them to arrive!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Style Envy: Natasha Goldenberg

This girl's fashion sense is out of siiiiggghhhtt. It's so bittersweet looking at all of her and Miroslava's outfits (a tribute to her surely to be made soon!) - both so inspiring and oh so fuelling of envy (refer to Net-a-Porter photo!!). These Russian gals know how to deck themselves head to toe in labels!


Sources: TFS, Natasha's Twitter Page, Purseforum

Next on the shopping list: A sharp pink suit... from where? Phillip Lim ZARA!