Thursday, 31 March 2011

Romantic & Euphoric

This is such a beautiful video. Nice melody, and classic tailoring (my eyes are on the camel suit). 
Bassike has always been my go-to for basic Tees and Singlets.

Bassike A/W 2011

Monday, 28 March 2011

Blocks of Colour

Genius CAD Styling.

Source: Mr Porter via Rag Pony

Sunday, 27 March 2011


...for these Proenza Schouler Cindy Wedge Boots. They're absolutely delicious and tonight I will most probably lose sleep just drooling over and thinking of how many outfits I can make with them. I love the wrap around strap detailing and the flattering shape of the toe. Plus the wedge, oh the wedge - It'll add another few hours of standing time as well!

I know I'm short, but I'm willing to forgo my vertical challenged ways (and legs) for a pair of these suckers. At least it'll add another 4.5 inches and some warmth this Winter :).

Wish me (some major, major) luck on finding a size 36! 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just a big pencil case, really.

Quote by a [comedic] friend of mine. Hurrah for new American Apparel Carry-All pouch shades! Purchased my apple/lime green one today, and boy am I looking forward to using it. It's so amazingly priced (and from what I read in reviews and see in photos, the quality of the leather isn't too bad either. Winter has never looked brighter! 

Caroline//Yellow American Apparel carry-all

My ultimate "pencil case" hunt? Celine's cobalt blue pouch a la Taylor Tomasi-Hill. Of course it's not for sale yet, and stores are undoubtedly already piled with waiting lists for the purse, but one can only dream for the chance to charge their credit card for the amount of a small fortune (or my plane ticket to Europe this year) just to own that little slice of electric blue heaven!

Taylor//Ultimate Bag Porn

Sources: American Apparel, Fashion Squad, Jak&Jil

The Dream Team


This Proenza Schouler Small PS1 in this deliciously sunny shade is the bag of my dreams (at the moment). I literally lost sleep over the weekend just thinking about whether or not I should scrap my shopping detox and buy it whilst Net-a-Porter still has free shipping.

The problem is, this bag at GBP900.00 is one already one-third away from my beloved and dream-purchase, Chanel Medium Classic Flap

So, would you forgo your ultimate purchase for a (pretty substantial) substitute like this mini PS1? Choices, choices.. 

Buying Now: Zara

At the checkout for these items as I speak (err, type). I'm particularly loving the contrast-sleeve coat - It's finally been restocked on the website after selling out three weeks ago!

Bittersweet is the word for Zara opening it's doors to Sydney next month. On one hand, I wouldn't have to bother the UK office at work to continually forward my orders, and wait weeks for its arrival (yay!); but on the other, I foresee a wave of originally unattainable fabulously priced highly fashionable pieces clothed on the mass public. If there's one thing I despise more, it's seeing another person in the same piece of clothing I'm in. (shudder - Sportsgirl, Country Road, Witchery, I could go on)...I suppose that's what you, or I, get for buying from chain stores. 

Let's just hope the items I'm buying today reach me before the store's opening, or better yet, not reach the Pitt Street floor at all :).

Monday, 14 March 2011

t r a n s e a s o n a l

It's funny how one article or post can really shift your perception of the writer, or the persona. I know it's not the most appropriate time to be admiring an outfit, but this is, in my opinion, is one of Rumi's best looks. It's not one of her signature looks, but perhaps that's why I like it so much. Classic, textural, transeasonal dressing at its best. 

Source: fashiontoast

A Tribute to Rumi and Japan.

The lot of you would most likely have already read Rumi Neely's account of her experience with Japan's earthquake last week. If you haven't already, I prompt you to go straight to this link, and read it for yourself. 

I've seen a lot of the footage, but her post really moved me. She gave the reader a first-hand look into what happened on the day, and made me realise how truly lucky and blessed we are to be living in a place somewhat away from harm and danger.

We really need to do all we can to help Japan (and other nations in turmoil) survive these ordeals, and come out stronger and united as ever. It doesn't have to completely be monetary either; thoughts and prayers are our universal language, and each one goes a long way.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

When I grow up..

I would absolutely kill to be one of these ferocious females. Give me some Celine, Tall Caramelattes, and chilly weather to await in for shows any day!

source: carolinesmode

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tweet, Tweet.

I've just opened a new Twitter account and so far, I'm pretty intrigued! Opens your eyes to this new dimension of 'up to the second news'. Fashion news getting to you well before their blog posts!

Social media continually amazes me! Anywho, follow moi. I'll try and make my random musings as entertaining as possible :)

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