Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I am not kidding, I've been an avid fan of Ilona Hamer's style for years. She always has the perfect blend of casual and chic. Not to be biased, but she also has my most favourite bag in the world, but she'd still be a favourite of mine without it..


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Hello There..

Eye Candy, indeed.

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A bunch of my online orders arrived at my desk today - needless to say, it made my day a thousand times more pleasant knowing the sickest pair of sandals were sitting right beside me in their white box (amongst other equally as good new pieces for my wardrobe, of course!). I pretty much left at 6:00pm on the dot to race home and try on my new goodies :)

The buckle detailing on the ankles are ridic.. seriously can't stop admiring them. All I need now is for some sunny weather to come my way, so I can finally wear them!

PS. Don't you love it when you buy things online, and EVERYTHING fits? I've hit the jackpot this time around with sizing :)


Tuesday, 21 June 2011



My brother, Emmanuel, who's currently living on the other side of the world.

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I never have many qualms in spending a little bit more for quality investment pieces, but it's even better when you happen to find them on sale! Needless to say I lost my mind a tad at the Net-a-Porter sale.. I think I'm going to have to leave my purse away from my laptop for a little while..

1. A.P.C Striped Top
2. T By Alexander Wang Black Long Sleeve
3. Paul & Joe Asymmetrical Zip
4. T By Alexander Wang Silk Blouse


I've just purchased some new to sale goodies on MyTheresa, and I'm so, so excited about them! I've also been scouring the Net-a-Porter sale too, where I'll be making another couple more purchases on some staples :)

Times like this I am so glad we have such easy access to amazing sales overseas. Gotta love online shopping! ♥
Balenciaga Multi Strap Sandals
I was floored when I saw the reduced price of these babies. I've been wanting them for ages, and they're a good change from my other Balenicaga sandals, which are a bit daintier. I also really like how it has similar elements to the cutout motorcycle boot.
3.1 Phillip Lim Fringe Pocket Mini
I love the classic shape of this skirt. You can wear it with a Tee, or a blouse. I think I'll be pairing it with all of my jumpers as soon as it's warm enough for bare legs! - I pretty much know I'll be wearing this piece for seasons to come. :)

Monday, 20 June 2011

New: Elle Aye

Finally bought a new pair of coated jeans today - Cropped Ksubi La Femmes in the Elle Aye wash, to be specific. I love how it has a leather sheen to it - I can finally give my leather pants a bit of a breather!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

What to buy next...?

Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses
or... Rag & Bone Harrow Boots

or... Topshop Boutique Leather Biker (... because I can't afford the Acne Rita!)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lookbook: Karla Špetic SS11/12

I have no idea why, but after seeing Karla Špetic's Summer 11/12 lookbook, I've taken quite a liking into the collection, rightfully named "Porcelain". It didn't appeal to me as much seeing the runway shots during RAFW; perhaps it was because of the overload of collections.
Being as short as I am, I'm not entirely sure how well her skirts and shift dresses would sit on me, but I'm particularly loving her A-lined halter tops - they're reminiscent of what my Mum wore back in the day and exactly what I'd like to be wearing with soft linen bottoms all throughout summer.  

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Sneak Peek: Stella McCartney SS '12

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Stella McCartney's Spring/Summer '12 collection. I wasn't sure how she was going to top her previous delightful citrus-infused range, but she somehow did. So, so beautiful.. and how miraculously well done is the Hawaiian print transformation - very chic. 
I'm seeing a recurring trend in collections; a lot of symmetry through the mirror-imaging of patterns and images, and I really like love it. 

On a more sombre note, I'm currently trying to study for my final exams, which start in two days. Eeeek.. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I like Winter again.

Take note of the injection of blog posts, because it either means I should be studying for exams or working on an assignment, haha. 
With the average temps ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, it goes without saying that Sydney's Winter is in full force, and after longing for it throughout Summer, I'm beginning to hate it. Cold mornings mean more effort to get out of bed, and outfits which practically overlook any aesthetic or fashionable value, as the only thing one would care about is not catching pneumonia! It's such a Sydney whinge, as we don't even see snow during our Winter, but after seeing Summer looks on the other side of the globe, it's hard not to yearn for hot weather and the ability to wear Bassike tanks, Ksubi denim shorts and sandals! 

I thought I'd end my rant by throwing a complete 180 and posting up some fabulous photos of people in their Winter get-ups.. a good tactic to make me want to put on a nice coat, or pull out some fur pieces from my wardrobe.

Miroslava, my favourite, knows how to rock Winter looks like the back of her hand. 
The epitome of PLUSH.
Gotta love anoraks, they're pretty much my Winter uniform.
I love this trench, I wish a similar one was available in Sydney, but the closest version I could find was in Sweden!
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Room Inspiration

So my family have just moved into a new house and straight after exams I intend to finally do something creative with my bedroom. It looks awfully bare at the moment, so I've been doing some research on making my room look a little bit more aesthetically appealing. My boyfriend and I have already made a visit to IKEA and all I have bought, thus far, is a pretty cool pink wheelie desk chair, a massive white desk and some beddings.  
...I'm thinking next on the list would perhaps be a shag pile rug (a nice version, I swear) and some artworks for my pistachio green walls. 

Hmm, judging my these images, I think I want to find a balance between child-like and minimalism? I'm a sucker for pastel shades.

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Welcome home.

Say hello to my new Givenchy Ball Chain Nightingale. It's so damn cute, I would pinch its cheeks if I could! I bought it on sale at Myer today and am not regretting it! It's the perfect size for fitting my unnecessary junk during the day, and not too bulky for the evening :).
I also just thought to take a couple of shots of my new bag with their fellow Sacca, haha - sad, I know.  

Monday, 6 June 2011


I've been an avid follower of Gossip Girl since the get-go. And as much as I complain about it's dwindling story lines and farfetched ways, I've just never been able to resist it. A big part of this is Blair, as I probably wouldn't like it as much if Leighton Meester wasn't there, and goddamn she looks amazing here rocking Balmain with her balayage locks - just thought it had to be shared.

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Next Target

My new bag, come July (squeeeee!). I'm reeeally hoping there will be stock in Barney's or Bergdof Goodman for when my brother visits NYC next month, or else I'll be absolutely devastated. I know it's been a cult item since mid-2010, but I've waited so long to decide that I can actually do with another black bag, and judging by the longevity of my Part-Time and Sacca Bags, it'll be a keeper for years to come too.

I've also made the all-important discovery that I'm more of a bag person than a shoe person. I think the practically of my bag investments go much further than the shoes I've splurged on - hurts knowing that a lot of my expensive pairs have only been worn once or twice, and the ones that I wear to the ground were only around the $100-150 mark.. some even less!

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