Friday, 4 June 2010

Sex and the City 2

So last night I dragged the boy along with me to watch the Sex and the City 2 movie, which I have to admit wasn't that bad. I wasn't expecting an impressive story line or plot, (you'd probably walk out of the movie if you were), and after the 1st installment, wasn't expecting it to contend with the standard of the TV series' dialogue (cue corny movie puns here) either, but fashion wise, Patricia Field was quite the genius in styling each of the characters. 

I really loved how each of the character profiles' personalities, personal tastes and styles were communicated with each of their outfits: Carrie - Edgey; Samantha - Sexy; Charlotte - Pretty yet Proper and Miranda - always a touch of Corporate. Together, they looked eclectic and equally as stylish. Power dressing in its epitome, I say.  

Ms Bradshaw, however, won me over in terms appealing to my own personal taste. Most of her outfits were so refreshing.. and the colour palate - outstanding. Below are my favourite looks, which I'll definitely note down for outfit inspiration this Summer. 
Doesn't she look amazing. And remember my post on the turban? She'll make anyone sway in favour of it!


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