Friday, 3 September 2010



I've always loved their campaigns; natural, ethereal, glowy skinned - exactly how I wish I looked! I think what sold and convinced me to walk up to their DJs counter was the fact that an Asian model was [finally!!] not being portrayed as a fair-skinned geisha doll! I don't have very fair skin and in Summer I tend to go quite tanned, so that last thing I want my make-up to do is make me look like is a doll.

I've been using BECCA make-up for about a year now  and although I don't use all of their products (I also haven't tried everything), I really recommend their Silky Hydrating Primer, Luminous Skin Colour SPF20 Foundation and concealer. Their skin products are really light and not cakey at all, so it's wearable all day. Not to mention their astounding colour range - I've never seen so many shades! Colour matching your skin tone to their products is a breeze, and each colour specifies what undertones they suit most ie. pinks, yellows, neutrals etc.

I could rave on more about their products, but I'm quite certain these campaigns will convince you enough to give them a visit!

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