Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just a big pencil case, really.

Quote by a [comedic] friend of mine. Hurrah for new American Apparel Carry-All pouch shades! Purchased my apple/lime green one today, and boy am I looking forward to using it. It's so amazingly priced (and from what I read in reviews and see in photos, the quality of the leather isn't too bad either. Winter has never looked brighter! 

Caroline//Yellow American Apparel carry-all

My ultimate "pencil case" hunt? Celine's cobalt blue pouch a la Taylor Tomasi-Hill. Of course it's not for sale yet, and stores are undoubtedly already piled with waiting lists for the purse, but one can only dream for the chance to charge their credit card for the amount of a small fortune (or my plane ticket to Europe this year) just to own that little slice of electric blue heaven!

Taylor//Ultimate Bag Porn

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