Friday, 12 March 2010

The Turban

What are your thoughts on this particular piece of headwear?

Ever since I saw Prada's version a couple of years ago on the Olsen twins, I'd been on the look out for one. I've seen it worn a couple of times, but they've all been either on the catwalk or in the evening. Wondering if it could be executed unembarrassingly on a day-to-day basis... Well, I know I'm not the Olsen twins, so that's a deterring factor, but maybe as the weather goes cooler, people can overlook the fact that it's a headpiece from the1920s era and see it for its utility? Ok, now I'm just thinking about it too much, I'll report on how this g
oes when I muster up the courage to actually wear it.



Jenny said...

They're selling identical ones to the Pradas at F21!

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