Tuesday, 2 March 2010

LMFF Fashion Workshop

Michael and I (with family) at Jonah's, Palm Beach (one of Sydney's most amazing culinary treasures).

I am absolutely dying to go. I was thinking a weekend away to recoup just in time before the uni workload becomes to intense is ideal. It'll also give me a bit of insight into the fashion world. I know it's only Melbourne, but the city feels like a world away from Sydney.

Fashion's always been my 'what if'. I studied design very briefly after I finished high school, and often feel that I threw away a part of me when I left it. to take on business (sounds depressing now that I think of it).. I tend to always give up or rest on my laurels when I get comfortable with something. I really need to change this, and this stigma against change. I don't think I'm going to succeed or accomplish anything being afraid of it, so here's to one of my lifelong resolutions.

his: Oxford Button Up, Ksubi Slack Shorts, Witchery Man Lace Ups, Ray Ban 3025 Aviators
hers: Sunny Girl stripe tank, Marcs Trousers, Witchery Waist Belt, Wittner Lace Up sandals


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