Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mega Montage: Outfits

So this is, by far, my largest post, but I'm feeling generous today and wanted to get my outfit inspirations out into cyberspace; most of which you would have definitely witnessed in other blogs anyway! Let's just say, if I had a gallery of momentous outfits of the past and future few months (and perhaps years!), these would proudly be on display. 

With due respect to each of the stylish ladies rocking each outfit, I decided to lop off the heads so that the outfits were the forefront and focal point of the post. 


Basically from sourcing these pictorials, I have concluded these things:
  • I want my Chanel Medium Flap, and I want it NOW!
  • I want to do a DIY on that killer Balenciaga Shirt 
  • I want to buy long, loose and structured tops to wear with my flared jeans
  • I wish I had twig legs to rock bright red pants, especially leather ones!
  • CLASSIC IS KING! I feel like going out and splurging on really amazingly made staple pieces, eg. Black, white and the aforementioned, Chanel ;). For now, I'll just raid my Mum's wardrobe (sarcastic yay!).

Sources: Jak&Jil, TFS, Style By Kling, Columbine Smille, Zara,, Elle Streetstyle, AfterDrk, Google


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