Friday, 15 April 2011

New: Sweaters and Lug Soles

I'm pretty excited about the weather cooling down. I used to dread the cold seasons and having to rug up, but I now have an big love for Winter and its partnering wardrobe. Sweaters have now even pushed jeans off as my staple piece of clothing, where instead of finding a top throw on with it, I'm now looking for what colour trouser to wear?!

I've just bought a bunch of woollens in different shades, which have seriously given a whole new Winter dimension to my Summer wardrobe bottoms. This striped Zara sweater is fast becoming one of my favourites - It's very Prada Spring/Summer! Unfortunately, I don't have the banana print skirt on hand to perfect the ensemble, so my pleated skirts and cropped trousers will have to do :P.

My other new additions are these Wittner buckled beauties! I wasn't too sure about them when I bought them, but they actually go with a tonne of outfits in my wardrobe and are superbly comfortable! I'm thinking of pairing them with socks when it gets too cold for bare toes...


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