Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Getaway

Australia Day weekend is always one of my favourite holidays of the year. For the past 4 years, me and my close friends have always spent the Sunday partying to my favourite DJ, Kaskade, but unfortunately this year, he decided to take a break and give Sydney a miss for Brazil! (We still love you, Kaskade!)

Instead the hubby's family and I decided to go up the coast for a few days of R&R. I loved every minute of it... Catching up on some good Summery weather, fishing; basically spending quality time with the honourary family. It was sad to come back to work on a gloomy day.

On a lighter note, one month till it's back to uni, so at least there's still time to savour what's left of the holidays! Good Vibrations '10 is fast approaching!

Hope everyone had a wicked weekend!


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