Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Summer's Best

It's been a jam-packed fun-filled weekend. Definitely one to remember.

My weekend kicked off with lazy lunch catch up with one of my besties watching some funny flicks, while we waited for the weather to clear up; followed by an evening of catching The Temper Trap at the Enmore. The show was fucking amazing, the lights.. the songs.. everything. The lead singer, Dougy's, voice is ridiculous - you definitely don't hear guys reach notes like he does! They're my pick for one of my favourite bands of the year and will surely see them going even further.
Then.... a few of us caught up with other friends for a birthday party. It was a big contrast coming from an indie gig to an R&B party, but R&B will always get me - no other genre (maybe except house and electronica) can amp me up for a dance like DJs can! We partied till the 200 degree heat inside the upper levels of the club got too much to handle.

Saturday was great. My boyfriend and I got caught some sun and a quick swim down at the beach and set off for an afternoon/evening of more birthday festivities. If I could sum up Saturday with one word, it would be buzzed. Loved it.

Sunday, let me think... It was another scorching day of around the 30 degree mark, so my family decided to have a picnic - fun times. We banqueted and watched the boys play footy. We unfortunately had to rush off to the boy's brothers' beach birthday bbq and there we feasted on more food and ducked down to the beach for another quick dip and a soaking up of the wonderful sun!



Anonymous said...

sydney summer. there is nothing like it in the world xx

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