Sunday, 5 June 2011

Next Target

My new bag, come July (squeeeee!). I'm reeeally hoping there will be stock in Barney's or Bergdof Goodman for when my brother visits NYC next month, or else I'll be absolutely devastated. I know it's been a cult item since mid-2010, but I've waited so long to decide that I can actually do with another black bag, and judging by the longevity of my Part-Time and Sacca Bags, it'll be a keeper for years to come too.

I've also made the all-important discovery that I'm more of a bag person than a shoe person. I think the practically of my bag investments go much further than the shoes I've splurged on - hurts knowing that a lot of my expensive pairs have only been worn once or twice, and the ones that I wear to the ground were only around the $100-150 mark.. some even less!

 Source: Miris Castle


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