Friday, 2 July 2010

New Post = I should be studying.

Why do I always feel the most motivated to update my blog when there's something I should be doing more immediately? I've been enjoying my free time for the past week, basically choosing to do anything but blog, however, as soon I received a notification of approval to sit an exam I applied for, I suddenly felt the urge to write a new post? Odd. (Well, not exactly as there's a term for this, and it's called procrastination - a term to which I am too accustomed.)

Enough of my blab. It's been an intense week of spying on Ed Westwick's whereabouts during his Sydney visit. I was lucky enough to lay eyes on him last night (well, more like gaze dreamily at) during his appearance at the city Virgin Mobile store. I've never been so afraid (and irritated) by the squealing and rampage of teen-girls in my life - I'm clearly not as obsessive of Chuck as I thought I was - Photos of this will be up soon! 

In the meantime, enjoy these easy breezey street-style pics. 

Source: Elle


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