Thursday, 12 August 2010

Believe the Hype

Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezey: Bassike Tank, Cooper Street Pants, Tony Bianco Wedges, Beaten Leather Belt

So, I succumbed to buying another khaki piece...
I was convinced that I could ride the khaki wave with only my F21 tailored style trousers. That is, until after trying on the J Brand Houlihans at Cactus Jam, that I realised no, the  Houlihans are 'completely' different from my pair and I, in fact, needed a pair of Houlihans in my life because they fitted so perfectly and I could already imagine wearing them to death...Sadly, I decided to die a little inside instead (with $350 still intact  in my bank account) and leave the store without them. 

Then come the afternoon whilst browsing in DJs, in came Cooper Street with their more affordable and equally as comfy version..  needless to say these went straight to the register and into my wardrobe!

If you're looking for a new go-to piece for your wardrobe, buy a khaki pant - 1. They match all skin tones, 2. They're an easy alternative to jeans, 3. They'll give an instant update to your outfit and 4. They pretty much go with as many things as denim.

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