Sunday, 29 August 2010

Old School

I'm really considering buying a Polaroid-type camera. Since Polaroid models seem to have gone obsolete (apparently Lady Gaga's collaborating with them on a new one?), it looks like other manufacturers, such as Fujifilm, are trying to release their own - which I really don't mind!.. This model has a playful yet sturdy look to it. There's something about white cameras... 

 Source: Hypebeast

I used to own the iZone Polaroid camera back in primary school, which now that I look at it, was a bit of a waste as the photos were oh so tiny. and a lot of the photos never developed well, but I'm missing the nostalgia Polaroids bring to photos. The fact that instead of clicking away carelessly with digital cameras, you have to be a bit more selective at what you want the precious film to immortalize. Gives each photo you take a little bit more meaning. 


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