Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sneaky Trip to Mexico.

So I haven't exactly been keeping up to date with the blog over the holidays, but since it's back to uni, I'm sure I'll be back to posting up daily in no time.

I've just returned from spending a week in Melbourne, and it's been pretty amazing. I never usually took much notice or interest in the city, other than for its shopping, but this trip opened my eyes to a another world of food, fashion, nightlife and architecture. What Sydney lacks in aesthetics and culture, somewhat gets consumed by Melbourne. Unless of course it's Summer, than Sydney is in a class of its own.

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..Some outfits and outings during the trip.
1. @ Rooftop Bar - Forever New Cape (Customised), Bassike Top, Bardot Leather Pant, Siren Heels
2. Chapel St, TGIs - Minty Meets Munt Dress, Zu OTK Boots
3. @ Hotel - Evil Twin Dress, MAC Lippy (loooove this.)
4. @ CQ - De Cjuba Frock, Mixed Jewelry, UO Clutch
5. Union Lane - RL Sweater, F21 Trousers, Scooter Oxfords, The LV Scarf I live in, Les Pliage - Another I cannot live without.

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Cute but i don't like AfterDRK's style that much :)

ANA said...

I agree.. Her style is very trend-directed, but she was a good example for my white blouse post :)

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