Friday, 6 August 2010

Forecasting.. SPRING!

Ahh it's so exciting seeing all the stores and window displays slowly becoming overtaken by their new Spring collections. It's about time, I'd say! I've had enough of the Sydney blizzard (not exactly a snow blizzard, but according to Sydney Winter standards, it was indeed!) and am ecstatic for some warm weather to come through so I can finally get some colour back and wear my new Spring purchases!

I actually think I've bought everything that could equip me until the end of Summer, but of course as consumerism and my slight shopping obsession goes, I'll always find something that I'll 'need'  in my wardrobe in order to complete it (for that fleeting moment in time anyway).

Below are few of my recent purchases, which I think are, in no particular order; this year's Spring/Summer essentials (note: Sunnies, a good cozzie, neutral cotton singlets/tees, beaten up denim shorts & BF jeans are not included as they should already be staples in your wardrobe!). Another note - Don't think that these are some ground-breaking new items new to the fashion market - You can find them everywhere! They're basically what I'm going to be living in.

I've always had a soft spot for shorts, and even through Winter I hadn't stopped buying them. Keep a close look out for tailored styles, with rolled hem lines and higher waist lines, or with prints (I'm still crazy for printed pants)! Alternatively, you could continue the sport chic look going with a silky, loose fitting pair. Key note for your shorts - Keep them relaxed fit!   

Two: Wedged Heel Sandals
Not much to say to further support my love for these type of shoes. They've been huge this winter with ankled styles, plus your feet will be much happier and thankful in these than a pair of kitten keels! Tan's always my pick for footwear. 

I'd also like to point out and withdraw my obsession with clogs. It's not even Spring yet, and they've already been butchered. 

Three: White Blouse
A definite staple in your wardrobe, however, as opposed to oxford type shirts, I think I'd give the green light to more flowy blouse fabrics - a silk type with breast pockets are bang-on trend.

Four: Skinny Belts
Yes yes, you've heard it before. "All you need to do to stay on trend is to accessorize your outfit!" Make it a belt - knotted. Do it when you're cinching in your waist, belting your cardi, belting your man-style trousers and shorts. Done and done, polished.

I really like how fashion is actually moving away from the whole trend concept, or maybe it's me getting older and becoming more and more repulsed by Supre each day. I'm finding that pieces in my wardrobe are becoming a lot more timeless and adaptable, where all that's really required for me to more-or-less keep up with what's in style is to just update the outfit with a new feature or way of wearing something, cue this season - skinny belt and a pastel nail polish shade!

Source: ASOS, AfterDRK, Topshop, MSNlifestyle

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why Egypt ? said...


why Egypt ? said...

hope u well with a good heath

jamie-lee said...

I think you've chosen some great pieces that are in large part transeasonal and should be a part of every girls wardrobe!
Haha I went into Supre today looking for a navy and white strip bodycon skirt (where else can you get one??) - and I wanted to start hyperventilating from the moment I walked it, that place gives me the heebie jeebies! lol

shae said...

great blog! i love the 1st sheer white blouse. there's a lot of inspiring pictures. keep it up! wedges are the best!

TristanEmma said...

It's so funny that it is going to be spring for you and fall for me! Great purchases, the white blouse especially!


ANA said...

Haha It's actually quite frustrating! I'm always wanting to wear pieces I see in blogs but can't because it's always the opposite season!

Hopefully the hot weather kicks in soon :)


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